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Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your app store presence exactly the way you want.

The Freedom to Create the Apps You Want

Build your own high-quality apps without designing or coding. Whether you’re promoting your business, creating a dating app, opening your store or starting a new social media network—you can do it all with the February app builder.

Build Your Unique App Store Presence

In just a few hours you can have your app ready to push to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, design your app store listing and start attracting customers straight away.

Professionally Designed App Templates

Choose from 500+ customisable app templates that are built to meet your app-based business needs, including dating, social media, food delivery, e-commerce, blogs, news, personal, bookings and more!

February App Builder Total Creative Freedom

Start from scratch or choose from over 500 designer-made templates that you can fully customise. Make your site come to life with built-in messaging, shopping, social media feeds, maps, audio and video, swipe dating and more.

Make your own app and get built-in tools to grow your business online.

Beat the competition by building your app earlier, and then get start to focusing on promoting your app with our in-build app payment analytics and usage statistics.

Know exactly what's working and what's not.

Track all metrics with custom reports. Maximize impact by analyzing your app results and content performance easily.

Manage, Promote and Grow Your App-Based Business Online

Join our Webinars and knowledge centre to learn the best methods that thousands of other February app developers are using to grow their app revenue and users.

Spark Your Creativity

You focus on your idea and marketing, we’ll focus on your product. Build a modern and beautiful app out of the box and we can add useful features to power your idea, need help? All new customers get a 1:1 onboarding call in which we can help set up your app so that you can get onto the app store in record time.

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How to create your first app

Create your idea easily
Use our pre built templates or start from scratch and quickly have your idea up and running.
Grow your user base
Have user authentication set up out of the box, ready for your users to create and manage their accounts.
Get revenue ready
Integrate with our payment gateway in minutes, and start receiving payments from your customers directly into your bank account.

Why the February App Builder Is the Best Choice for You

Manage your entire app, back end and lists of data in one place without having to pay for additional software. All with no coding and and no designing. One simple fixed cost that allows you to get ahead of your competitors by launching as soon as possible.

All your questions, answered.

If you're hesitating, or trying a no-code app builder for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.
Does it take a long time to build an app?

No. Most apps can be set up in a couple of hours, and if you need some help just contact us through our live chat or email us at we’ll help you to set up your app at no extra cost.

It is easy to build an app?

Yes. No design knowledge, coding knowledge or user testing experiences required. We’ve designed the platform to fit your business logic into our beautiful UI templates, so creating powerful modern apps can be done in a few clicks.

How many users can my app handle?

Unlimited. All apps are hosted directly on Amazon servers using their cloud infrastructure that automatically scales to handle your users, meaning unlike other app builders we don’t cap your app downloads or impressions.

How much does it cost to build an app?

£74 per month, or 50% off if you pay annually. Unlike other app builders we also handle all of your back end infrastructure so there’s no need to buy additional third party software to handle your databases.

Can I get started for free?

Yes! you can build your entire app and test it for free with our 14-day trial, you only need to upgrade your account when you are ready to publish to the app stores or when your trial ends.

Will I be charged for canceling before the 14-day free trial ends?

No. You can cancel at any time before your trial ends and you will not be charged, once your trial has ended you will be charged but can still cancel at any time, you have no long-term commitments with us so just cancel before your next monthly bill and you will not be charged again.

How do I get my app on the iOS App store and Android Play store?

Once you’ve finished building your app, upgrade your account to premium and then hit the publish button in the dashboard, this will build your app files, you can then upload them to the app stores for review, app stores say that this process takes no longer than 48 hours.

Can my app run in a web browser?

Yes. Your app is automatically ready to run on iOS, Android and web browsers as soon as it’s created, if you would like some help integrating your app onto your website just contact us on the live chat or email us at!

Am I restricted to only being able to create certain types of app?

No. Within reason you can create whatever your ideas are, we make it very easy to create dating, shopping, social media, travel, food delivery and booking websites but you are not restricted to these app types. You can start from scratch or ask for help by contacting us on our live chat or emailing us at

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